Getting to Know Your Dentist

Dr. Michael SchererI grew up in Florida, Colorado, and North Carolina and spent many years exploring the outdoors and developed a great love of nature including scuba diving, hiking, and skiing. While I am new to Sonora, I have already fallen in love with the stunning beauty that is in Tuolumne County! My wife and I have purchased a home in Sonora and are committed to being part of the community for many years. - Continued -

From our patients…

Growing up in Santa Cruz, I loved getting out on the water and hitting the waves. When I had to get dentures I felt like my lower denture was the one surfing. I sought out Dr. Scherer because of his expertise in dentures and he placed 4 small implants and connected my denture to the implants the same day! I’ve never felt so much better out of the water in my whole life, thank you Dr. Scherer!

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Sonora CA DentistDental implants have revolutionized how we treat lost teeth!  Implants are titanium roots that can be used to replace missing teeth.  They offer a natural feeling and looking alternative to a bridge and can be used for denture stabilization.   The best thing is that dental implants last longer than anything else I use as a dentist.   - Continued -

Modern Dental Care

One Day Crowns - Dentist Sonora, CAIf you need a dental crown, you will be pleased to know that modern dentistry has made things easier.  Using porcelain that is actually stronger than your own enamel we can custom make you a crown in one visit.   As a general dentist I have used many materials and know many ways to restore a tooth. - Continued -

Comprehensive Care

Whether you are looking for a Cosmetic Dentist or a General Dentist in Sonora CA, or you need a new set of Dentures, you will appreciate our thorough and caring approach to your care.

At your First Appointment you will find that your exam focuses heavily on prevention, accurate diagnosis and a general focus on building trust before we start treatment. It is our goal that you fully understand and are comfortable with your care plan.

Take A Tour of Our Office

Dentist Sonora CAWe believe you will find our dental office comfortable, welcoming and modern.  We have put a lot of effort into creating an office that represents the focus on quality that we adhere to, and creates an environment that is comfortable.  You will find up to date equipment and materials and a polite, professional staff. - Continued -