Office Tour

We believe you will find our dental office comfortable, welcoming and modern.  We have put a lot of effort into creating an office that represents the focus on quality that we adhere to, and creates an environment that is comfortable.  You will find up to date equipment and materials and a polite, professional staff.

Our reception area is stocked with up to date magazines (no 6 month old People magazines here), good music playing, free WiFi access, and hot coffee or tea.  If you are waiting for you loved one we also have an Ipad that can be used to watch a Netflix video or surf the internet.

Waiting Area

Our reception desk is open and welcoming, and we make sure there is someone always smiling on the other side of the counter.

Reception Desk

The room behind the reception desk is a consultation office where we can discuss with privacy your treatment options and any financial arrangements that need to be made.

Consultation Room

Our treatment rooms have a light comfortable feel to them, and you will notice that we use the latest in modern radiology and diagnostic tools.

Treatment Room

Part of Dr. Scherer’s commitment to excellence means that we had a professional dental laboratory desk installed, so that we have a dedicated place where all crowns, dentures and other laboratory fabricated appliances can go through a quality control process before your appointment, and any necessary changes can be made. We also do our own custom shade corrections and staining for cosmetic cases in the office using a porcelain oven.

Dr. Scherer Lab