Our Practice Philosphy

I would like to take a few minutes to highlight the 4 main principles that drive my practice philosophy.  The first two, excellence and evidence based dentistry, are the groundwork for the second two, trust and value.

We Practice Evidence Based Dentistry

Evidence based dentistry is a philosophy of care which dictates that any care provided should be based on sound scientific evidence wherever available. With the rapid advancement in technology and frequent introduction of new materials and equipment it has become more important than ever that we make decisions without being swayed by market trends and short lived technological fads while still recognizing and implementing the advances available that add to the quality of care.  Unfortunately most of what he the public hears about dentistry starts in carefully crafted advertising campaigns that exaggerate the benefits or down play the risks of many procedures.  Often times products and procedures are advertised before all the research is done, or because the marketers are trying to displace time proven technologies with their product.  This does not always lead to better health outcomes for patients.   We have a high tech office, but I refuse to be so cutting edge that I am effectively using my patients as test subjects for the latest product that was released.  You can feel certain that we carefully evaluate and consider the health benefits and risks of all products and technologies that we use.


We desire that everything we do is characterized by excellence. We strive first and foremost for quality – both in dental experiences that are truly world class, and treatments that lead to optimal health. Dr. Scherer and his staff consistently seek out the best continuing education and research available to assist us in making educated and rational recommendations about your dental health.  Excellence takes a commitment to make things right regardless of the challenges.  No laboratory work in my office gets delivered to a patient without going through a quality control check before you come in, and we ensure that work is done to exacting standards.


Mutual trust is the cornerstone of all great health care relationships. We can only earn your trust through time spent and advice given. We will do everything in our power to show you that we have your best interest in mind. We use a personalized diagnostic approach were we will discuss ideals, and realities of what we can and cannot do. It is important to me that every patient receive only the quality care they need and is comfortable with their care plan.


We strive to provide the highest quality dental care at a reasonable cost. It is a challenge to keep cost down and still provide excellent care. While you may still find less expensive services elsewhere, we believe that once you experience our attention to detail, and understand the value of high quality materials and laboratory work you will consider our services a great value. Studies by the American Dental Association have shown that lesser quality dental care costs much more in the long run in real dollars and negative health effects. By focusing on prevention, accurate diagnosis, and high quality restorations our goal is to get you healthy, have you looking your best, and maintain a lifelong dental health.