General Information about Dental Implants

Dental Implant Sonora CA DentistDental implants have revolutionized how we treat lost teeth!  Implants are titanium roots that can be used to replace missing teeth.  They offer a natural feeling and looking alternative to a bridge and can be used for denture stabilization.   The best thing is that dental implants last longer than anything else I use as a dentist.   Implants are simply man made titanium root replacements that are placed in the bone and allowed to heal.   Once this implant is healed into place, a tooth can be built on top of it or it can be used as a very strong anchor to support a denture.   The technology to accomplish this has been around for over 60 years, but the last 20 years have seen a rapid improvement of the materials and techniques necessary to make it an everyday, common procedure.

How long do dental implants last?

The simple answer: A long time!  That is their great advantage.  When you look at all the research available you find approximately a 95% success rate over 30-45 years.  The 5 % of people who have one not work (it usually happens in the first year) still have a 95% chance of success on the second try.   After that initial period of healing and acceptance by they body, dental implants are the closest thing we have to a permanent solution to a lost tooth.  Failure of the materials is very rare.

Does it hurt?

With the techniques we use it is common for our patients to report some, but very little discomfort.   Most patients say that the placement of dental impants hurts less then having a tooth extracted and they have to take very little pain medication.  Nevertheless, each person and each situation is different .   We have a very well researched and balanced pain management protocol to make sure that your healing is as comfortable as it can be.

Is Dr. Scherer the right dentist in Sonora to provide this service for you?

All implant procedures require two basic phases, a surgical phase and a restoration phase.   Many dentists do not provide implant surgery in their offices.   When Dr. Scherer wanted to expand his involvement in implant dentistry to include the placement of implants  he chose to go to the oldest and one of the most respected implant institutes in America: The Misch International Implant institute.   It was a 5 month program with personal training by the most recognized face in American implant surgery and author of the best selling dental implant text in America – Dr. Carl Misch.    Implants are a routine procedure in our office, and for the most part it is a quite simple procedure.   Nevertheless, there are some situations that should be managed by a specialist.  When this is necessary we have some wonderful specialists here in Sonora, CA and in the surrounding area with whom we work closely.

Cone Beam 3D X-Rays

Cone beam 3D X-raysWe were the first general dental office to bring this amazing technology to Sonora.   This new, very advanced technology allows for precise three dimensional viewing of the structures of the head and neck.   This leads to safer surgery because we can visualize exactly where important things like nerves and major blood vessels are.   It also allows us to give more accurate predictions on outcome and surgical planning, thus reducing the risk of surprises during the process.  For those concerned about radiation you will be glad to know that this new technology uses advanced digital imaging that keeps the  radiation for an implant scan at 95% less than that from a traditional CT scan.