Same Day Dental Crown

One day crownIf you need a dental crown, you will be pleased to know that modern dentistry has made things easier.  Using porcelain that is actually stronger than your own enamel we can custom make you a crown in one visit.   As a general dentist I have used many materials and know many ways to restore a tooth.  This technology is truly amazing.

Now, in a short time your crown will be designed and made in the office directly by your dentist – Dr Michael Scherer. With Cerec™ Crowns,  gone are the days of having a temporary crown for two weeks while the crown is made by a laboratory technician.  The same day we prepare the tooth for restoration, we will deliver and permanently cement the final crown out of a beautiful solid porcelain material.  Even thought it is more labor intensive, and takes much longer, we exclusively use the strongest porcelain material on the market when we do this procedure, leading to a long lasting and beautiful restoration.  We still believe in and use many of the traditional dental crown types, but have found these Same Day crowns to be a beautiful, strong and convenient option for many of our patients.

This is accomplished with Computer Assisted Design and Computer Assisted Milling Technology (CAD/CAM for short).  This Technology has actually been around in the dental world for over 25 years, but it has not been until the last few years that accuracy and materials have reached the critical point where it offers a very predictable long term restoration.  Yet, only 10% of dental offices in the US use this technology.

If you are interested in this technology, call us to discuss it more. Dr. Scherer will happily talk to you about the benefits and limitations of this option for restoring your teeth.