Single Tooth Implant Replacement

Dental Implant Sonora CA DentistOne of the most common problems patients face is the loss of a single tooth.  This can happen due to large decay, fracture or severe infection.  When all other options have been exhausted and a tooth must be replaced, dental implants offer a wonderful option for tooth replacement.

Why not just have a Bridge made?

There are times when a bridge is a better option, and it certainly is a faster, easier option in most cases, but usually the implant option is superior, simply because they last longer.  The research shows the average bridge lasts somewhere between 9 and 15 years depending on what study you look at, while we have studies following implants for 45 years with success rates over 90%.  Additionally, there have been a few studies that show the consequence of bridge failure is very high.  For example,  nearly 50% of the time one of the teeth supporting the bridge is lost when failure occurs.

How much does it cost?

This is a common question.  For a single lost tooth replacement,  the cost of replacement with an implant is typically 25% more than a bridge.  Of course, since the implant lasts much longer, when you take  a long term view and consider the cost of replacing a bridge, it becomes a far better investment for most people.   We recognize that some of these procedures can be a significant investment for many people.  We have payment plan options available, and will always talk through all of the options with you.